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About Us

Since in 2014, Stronghold Scaffolding Limited, with its headquarters nestled in Auckland, New Zealand, has cultivated a distinguished reputation for unwavering integrity, outstanding service, and unparalleled expertise in the construction arena. As we extend our reach, we are thrilled to unveil Stronghold Scaffolding Australia Pty Ltd,our new venture based in Brisbane, Australia. This expansion is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, now poised to enrich Queensland’s bustling construction landscape.

Merging the esteemed principles that have shaped our Auckland base—quality, safety, and reliability.Stronghold Scaffolding Australia Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing exceptional scaffolding services for a broad spectrum of projects, from commercial to residential. Positioned as the premier choice for builders, developers, and contractors throughout Queensland, our Brisbane branch is set to continue our legacy, ensuring that every project stands on the solid foundation of our proven scaffolding solutions.


At Brisbane Stronghold Scaffolding, safety in high-altitude work is crucial.
We are deeply aware of the importance of safety when working in this high-risk industry. Our workers always adhere to the highest standards of industry regulations and safety laws. The company provides all employees with personal protective equipment that aligns with the current EBA standards.
Our scaffolding equipment is subjected to rigorous maintenance inspections regularly. This includes safety harnesses, slings, personal protective equipment, fall arrest systems, rope grabs, and lanyards, routinely inspected by certified safety equipment inspectors. All scaffolding components undergo inspections before installation, weekly on-site, and after dismantling to identify any equipment that does not meet the relevant standards. We conduct pre-start checks on all projects daily and hold company safety meetings. For each project, Brisbane Stronghold Scaffolding provide a Safe Work Method Statement, insurance certificates, and scaffolding handover certificates.